Pakistani Christian Girl Describes the Day Her Family Was Slaughtered on Easter

A Christian girl whose mother and three uncles were killed by Islamic radicals on Easter in Pakistan provided details of the “unforgettable” horror she experienced the day the attack went down, saying it turned the Christian celebration into a black day in her mind.

The teenage girl, identified as Kinza in an interview with International Christian Concern, explained that her family was traveling from Lahore to Quetta to celebrate Easter with other relatives. She was “extremely excited” for her first trip to the city.

“We arrived there on March 31 and I had fun with cousins, visited a few new places, and enjoyed the Easter Sunday,” Kinza told ICC.

“I never thought I’d be going through [such] agony and end up losing my mother and three uncles the very next day. It was an unforgettable and unbelievable day. I will mark it as a black day throughout my life.”

Firdous, the girl’s mother, along with her uncles, Tariq Masih, Imran Masih, and Pervaiz Masih, were all shot and killed on Easter Monday as they were getting on an auto-rickshaw.

“Pervaiz was sitting on the driver’s seat of the auto-rickshaw, and Tariq and Imran were chatting with him while standing on the left and right side of the auto-rickshaw,” Kinza recalled.

“My mother and another cousin of mine were sitting on the back seat of the vehicle. I was about to join my mother when I saw two masked men on a motorbike with guns. They stopped in front of the auto-rickshaw and began shooting at Imran and Tariq. Within no time, they then fired at Pervaiz and my mother.”

The teenager said that she managed to run inside the house and close the door from inside.

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Source: Christian Post


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