Sam Rodriguez & Johnnie Moore Launch New ‘Congress of Christian Leaders’ to Unite Global Church

American evangelical leaders Samuel Rodriguez and Johnnie Moore have announced the founding of a new interdenominational body called the Congress of Christian Leaders, which they say will seek to foster unity and serve growing Christian movements across the globe.

Rodriguez, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and Moore, a well-connected evangelical public relations executive who regularly travels overseas to visit international Christian communities, founded the new body as a nonpartisan avenue to help independent global Christian leaders and their churches.

Moore, who is CCL’s founding president, told The Christian Post on Wednesday that the organization seeks to bridge a “gap between evangelicalism in the United States and around the world.”

Members of the organization will include Christian organizations, pastors, denominational heads, business leaders, thought leaders and other notable Christian figures.

“The fact is that the majority Church around the world is a Church that is growing exponentially. It is incredibly diverse,” Moore, a CP senior editorial adviser, explained. “There are these pastors around the world that have massive, massive churches and massive, massive movements. Some of them have been around for five or six years, some have been around for 10 years. Most of those leaders somewhat operate entirely independent without the support structure of peers serving them from an organization that exists just to serve them.”

The two conservative Christian leaders, both of whom serve as informal advisers to the Trump administration, have not released full details of the congress’ mission statement or statement of faith. However, they assure that the purpose of the new body is not to “politicize anything.”

“In times of rapid change and upheaval as we’re experiencing today, it is imperative for the Church to respond with bold, fresh thinking that is capable of bridging the establishment and the emerging,” Rodriguez, CCL’s chairman, said in a statement. “Our aim at the CCL is to say ‘yes’ to all willing partners, private, denominational and governmental, and then apply uncompromising Christ-centered advocacy in support of uniting, growing, strengthening and empowering the entire Church.”

According to Rodriguez, the CCL will be “uniquely positioned to help bring unity to the evangelical and Christian movements that have too often been disparate, uncoordinated and unnecessarily contentious at times.”

“The CCL is the embodiment of our conviction that we are more powerful when we stand together for righteousness and justice,” Rodriguez, the senior pastor at New Season Christian Worship Center in Sacramento, California, said. “It is through our common bonds of faith that we will magnify our collective reach and impact for the cause of Christ on this Earth.”

Moore said that the organization is not intended to subtract from or replace other international religious bodies such as the Lausanne Movement, the National Association of Evangelicals or the World Evangelical Alliance.

Both Rodriguez and Moore serve on NAE’s board of directors. Moore said he suspects CCL will seek memberships in those groups.

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Source: Christian Post


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